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Samara is a city with a rich history and classical Russian architecture, where the golden domes of temples harmonize with glittering facades of modern buildings on the background of green hills and majestic Volga River. This city with a million inhabitants and 400 year-old history is famous for numerous monuments, buildings of the XVIII-XIX centuries, and also evidences of the significant events of the XX century.

First, among the Samara attractions it is worth noting the temples and churches, which represent not only the important religious monuments, but also the best examples of Russian architecture of the XIX century. Today they administer the divine services, together with Russian Orthodox rituals.

As well as its beautiful monasteries and historical museums, Samara is the birthplace of the accordion. Samara is also known as one of the Russian aircraft engineering centers. Known previously as Kuibyshev, the city was a centre of the aviation industry, designing and developing rockets for the USSR. Because of this, it was closed to international visitors until 1991, when it opened its doors for all to explore.

During the city tour, you will see the following places of interest: Revolution Square, Philharmonic, Catholic Church, and mansion of merchant Curlin. After visiting Chapaev Square, Kuibishev square, you will see Opera Theatre and Kuibishev monument and many others.

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