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There is arguably no better way to explore Russia than to take a voyage down the longest river in Europe, the Volga River.
05 october 2021

There is arguably no better way to explore Russia than to take a voyage down the longest river in Europe, the Volga River. Being the main water artery and the biggest waterway in the European part of Russia, it harbors many historical places, including the cosmopolitan centers of Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as small medieval towns and cities, like Uglich or Goritsy. Far to the South, the scenic river Volga flows into the Caspian Sea.

The Volga River’s main waterway is open for navigation and allows ships to sail to the North lakes Ladoga and Onega to one of the man-made wonders of medieval architecture, the Kizhi museum-reserve. On the banks of the Volga River lies an ancient city of Yaroslavl, famous throughout the long Russian history and depicted on the Russian banknotes. Uglich, located nearby, is a mysterious city that harbors the secrets about the strange death of Tsarevich Dmitry in the times of Ivan the Terrible. 

The so-called "Golden Ring" of Russia is also on the way, known for its old churches and famous monasteries. As the Volga River conveniently flows through most of the key Russian landmarks, Volga River tours in Russia are very popular, in-demand by those who want a comprehensive travel experience.

Russian Culture 

The rich Russian culture is deeply intertwined with the Volga River. The lifeline, The Mother River, fed the people who lived on its shores for centuries; it allowed them to trade goods and travel to other Russian villages. 

Villages grew and turned into cities, songs, tales, and folklore slowly took root, traditional crafts and dresses were created, and Russian cuisine was molded and shaped into what we know today. Volga river travel is a unique opportunity to explore the Russian culture in all its diversity. 

What We Offer 

Vodohod has been a leading tour operator for decades and a Volga cruise in Russia is one of the favorites among our guests. Our experienced tour guides will lead you to the widely known sights and hidden treasured spots along the Volga. An eventful day of a Volga boat trip is complemented by the comfort of our vessels. We offer home-away-from-home accommodation, a personalized service, and onboard entertainment to create the ultimate cruise experience. 

The cruise package includes:

  • Accommodation in the booked cabin category.
  • Full board in the onboard restaurants.
  • An excursion program.
  • An entertainment program onboard.
  • Guides speaking English / Italian / German / French / Spanish.
  • A Russian visa support letter. 

Top 4 Best Volga River Cruises 2022 

The main Volga trip highlights are the Russian cities that you get to visit along the scenic waterway of the river.


Moscow, Russia’s capital, is also its crown jewel, and our cruises provide a perfect opportunity to explore it. You can visit the renowned Kremlin to see the famous Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell, as well as its magnificent cathedrals, and enjoy a stroll in the old city center and the Red Square. The famous cityline will impress you with seven Soviet-era buildings built in the Stalinist era.

St. Petersburg

The “Northern capital” of Russia attracts lots of people each year with its quiet European atmosphere and shy beauty. The main sights include the Smolny Convent, the Palace embankment, the Winter Palace, the Spire of the Basil Island, the Bronze Horseman, and the Nevsky prospect.


Kizhi is an island in the Onega Lake that harbors a wooden architecture museum preserved to our days. The Architectural Ensemble of the Kizhi Pogost is a UNESCO World Heritage site and includes the chapel of the Archangel Michael, the church of the Resurrection of Lazarus, and the Intercession Church.


This city is a true hero of the Stalingrad battle. The former territory of a battlefield now offers a central promenade, an obelisk in the Square of Fallen Fighters, Lenin Square, Pavlov’s House, and other famous sights. The memorial complex “To the Heroes of Stalingrad Battle” on Mamaev Mound is an honored monument to WWII.

Top 4 Best River Cruise Ships 

Mustai Karim

The luxurious Mustai Karim has been sailing since 2020 and has just recently entered the Vodohod fleet. Named after the illustrious poet and playwright, the vessel can offer the most up-to-date technology for comfortable sailing, matched by 5* hotel luxury on the inside.

K. Korotkov

MS Konstantin Korotkov is a newly refurbished four-deck ship, named after a head of the Volga River shipping company. Built in Germany in 1976, renovated in 2020, the ship is perfectly suited for smooth navigation on onboard leisure. There are classical music concerts in the evening and live music in the bars.

N. Novgorod

This four-star ship, named after one of the largest cities on the Volga, has been cruising between Moscow and St. Petersburg for almost four decades now. The ship combines modern design with unique innovations introduced in 2019 to make your cruise as comfortable as possible. 

M. Rostropovich

Named after the greatest cellist of the 20th century, MS Mstislav Rostropovich is a four-deck ship that offers cruises between Moscow and St. Petersburg, the two Russian capitals. Guests enjoy the interiors inside and the nature and history unveiling along the route outside the ship.


What cruise line is best for Volga river cruises?

In search of the best Russian river cruise, do consider Vodohod to be one of your top choices, as the itineraries are carefully prepared to deliver the most entertaining and educating experience at the same time. With many awards to confirm our leading position, we are proud to invite you on board our ships.

Can you cruise the Volga?

Sure you can! The Volga river is open for tourist ships during all seasons except some of the winter months when navigation is obstructed by ice. Vodohod has ships of different categories so that each guest could find a cruise to their budget and liking.

What is the best month to take a Volga river cruise?

Each month in Russia has its charm and beauty. Traveling in spring allows guests to see big Russian holidays typical for this time of the year, and autumn cruises will be perfect for those who don’t like the summer heat. 

What is the most beautiful Volga river cruise?

A cruise on Volga can be tailored around different cities, focusing more on modern history or taking you back to places where people still embrace the old lifestyle. Consider a longer cruise that includes the Golden Ring cities as they truly capture the essence of Russia. A day cruise in St. Petersburg and Moscow would be a good choice for travelers on a budget.

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