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Russian River Cruises

Numerous white-stone churches, nature reserves, fortresses, historical monuments, and soviet-era buildings make traveling to Russia thrilling and informative.
15 september 2021

Russia is an enigmatic country with centuries of history and culture formed by its hardships and prosperities. Each of its regions has its distinctive places for recreation and attractive itineraries for travel. Numerous white-stone churches, nature reserves, fortresses, historical monuments, and soviet-era buildings make traveling to Russia thrilling and informative. From the white-stone Moscow and the Northern capital St. Petersburg to diverse Karelia and the Golden Ring cities, there is enough to explore for a day cruise, for a city tour, and ever for a dedicated longer tour. One of the best ways to discover Russia is by traveling its waterways – with luxury river travel. If you are interested in exploring the Russian river cruises 2022, read on to get travel inspiration and tips for the most unforgettable cruise with Vodohod.

Types of Russia River Cruises

Vodohod offers several key Russian destinations in its cruise itineraries. Ships of different comfort classes travel the rivers between the two Russian capitals – Moscow and St. Petersburg, allowing passengers to get acquainted with the small historic towns, monasteries, and villages along the route. Other popular itineraries head South towards Astrakhan and the Azov Sea. And for those looking for an eye-opening experience of how life once was, our most adventurous guests join expeditions to the haunting magnificence of Siberia and Lake Baikal.

Russian River Cruises in the Countryside

Apart from visiting the famous Russian capitals, Vodohod cruises let the guests spend plenty of time in small towns and villages to feel the spirit of real Russia. Ancient streets, merchants’ houses, onion doms of the old churches – we offer the best excursion programs that channel the Russian countryside lifestyle.

River Cruises in Russia with City Style

For those guests who like to spend more time admiring the Russian architecture or strolling along their streets in a more relaxing way, Vodohod offers cruises on several high-class ships. Moscow and St. Petersburg cruises begin and end with several days of varied orientation tours around these huge cities to allow their beauty to unfold before your eyes.

Price Includes

  • Cruise onboard the ship in the chosen cabin category.
  • Full board in the onboard restaurants.
  • An excursion program with overview tours.
  • Entertainment program onboard fitted into the cruise schedule.
  • Multilingual onboard tour guides.
  • A visa support letter.

Useful Information


Currency: Russian rubles
Timezone (Moscow and St. Petersburg): GMT+3
Timezones change gradually moving east, all the way to Lake Baikal: GMT+8
Language: Russian
Visa: Russian visa required

Visa Information

The process of getting a visa is not too difficult but may take longer now due to different pandemic-related restrictions in different areas. Refer to the Russian Embassy in your hometown for the most up-to-date requirements. All our guests receive a visa support letter with booking confirmation to speed up the application process.


A cruise is a vacation with a measured pace, and being on board will not require sufficient physical activity. However, please consider that shore excursions may require climbing flights of stairs or walking long distances. Most of the key sites in Moscow and St. Petersburg are wheelchair accessible, but the same can’t be said for some of the small towns and villages along the route. Contact us to find the best-suited cruise for you.

Top 5 Best Russia River Cruises 2022

The leading positions for best cruises among our passengers belong to the cruises between Moscow and St. Petersburg. Cruises to exotic destinations such as Siberian River Yenisei are also gaining popularity. Autumn times are traditionally marked with a spike of attention to Vodohod’s cruises to the riverways of Astrakhan, Rostov-on-Don, and the Azov Sea.


Moscow is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and our cruises provide a perfect opportunity to explore it. Imagine getting to visit the renowned Kremlin to see the famous Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell, as well as its magnificent cathedrals. The Red Square will astound you with grandness and unique architecture.

St. Petersburg

“The Northern capital” of Russia attracts people with its unraveled beauty. During a bus city tour, the guests will see the celebrated sights, such as the Smolny Convent, the Palace embankment, the Winter Palace, the Spire of the Basil Island, the Bronze Horseman, the Nevsky prospect, and so on.


On this unique island in the Onega Lake starts a journey around the open-air museum of wooden architecture. The Architectural Ensemble of the Kizhi Pogost is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site, including the chapel of the Archangel Michael, the church of the Resurrection of Lazarus, the Intercession Church, and one of the peasants’ houses.


This city is a true hero of the Stalingrad battle. Visitors exlore the central promenade, the obelisk in the Square of Fallen Fighters, Lenin Square, and Pavlov’s House. The memorial complex “To the Heroes of Stalingrad Battle” on Mamaev Mound with its famous “Motherland Calls!” is an honored memorabilia of WWII.


Krasnoyarsk is a city of an incredible mixture: the central part with ancient merchant houses, the largest factories and plants – all this harmoniously adjoins each other and emphasizes the special, unique character of Krasnoyarsk. The guests enjoy stunning north bridges, a huge number of fountains, and a stroll along one of the longest streets in the world.

Top 5 Best River Cruise Ships

Mustai Karim

The luxurious Mustai Karim is the newest addition to the fleet and has been sailing since 2020. Named after the illustrious poet and playwright, the ship combines advanced cruising technology with 5* hotel luxury to create a river cruising experience like nothing else. Entertainment onboard the Mustai Karim is designed to offer guests an experience of authentic Russian history and culture.

Maxim Gorky

The Maxim Gorky, named after the Russian writer, is a 4-deck ship built in Austria in 1974 and fully refurbished to a luxurious 5 star level for the 2020 season. It is the first and the only cruise ship to take guests along Siberia’s Yenisei River. The interior design has been inspired by the rugged Siberian landscape seen out of every window. Facilities include a wine library and a Siberian beer bar.

K. Korotkov

MS Konstantin Korotkov is a newly refurbished four-deck ship, named after the head of the Volga River shipping company. Built in Germany in 1976, renovated in 2020, the ship is equipped with modern navigational facilities. For entertainment aboard, there are classical music concerts in the evening and live music in the bars.

N. Novgorod

Named after one of the Volga River’s largest cities, this four-star ship has been delighting guests on the Volga River route between Moscow and St. Petersburg for four decades. Fabulously renovated in 2019, the ship combines modern design with unique innovations to make the cruise as comfortable as possible.

M. Rostropovich

The luxury MS Mstislav Rostropovich sails between Russia’s most famous cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg. The ship was beautifully renovated in 2009 to cater to guests’ every need and desire. Most of the spacious cabins provide endless photo opportunities via a private balcony. Wi-Fi connectivity comes as standard, so you can share tales of your incredible experiences.


What is the highest rated river cruise line?

In search of the best Russian river cruise, do consider Vodohod to be one of your top choices, as the itineraries are carefully prepared to deliver the most entertaining and educating experience at the same time. Our comfortable ships can take you both to the prime industrial destinations as well as the far-away natural wonders of Russia.

Are river cruises worth it?

River cruises are perfectly suitable for people who like to spend their vacation in the most comfort and explore the country at the same time. The ship continues bringing passengers to a new place almost every day. And after all the discoveries, guests can relax in the restaurant and bars on board the ship, or participate in evening activities and make new acquaintances.

What is the best month to take a Russia river cruise?

Each month in Russia has its charm and beauty. A river cruise in Russia is an opportunity to discover the advantages of all seasons except winter when navigation is obstructed by ice. Traveling in spring allows guests to see big Russian holidays typical for this time of the year, and autumn cruises will be perfect for those who don’t like the summer heat.

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