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Travel with confidence! Health & safety program on the motor ships Vodohod

Travel with confidence! Health & safety program on the motor ships Vodohod

28 May 2021

Dear Guests!

During the period of restrictive measures it is essential to know how safe it is to travel. The answer to this question, briefly speaking, is that the Vodohod ships have the highest level of safety, not only from a technical point of view, but also according to all health protection standards.

Let us talk about it in more detail.

Firstly, preserving health and ensuring maximum safety of passengers and crew members during the cruise has always been and remains the main priority of our company. We always observe all recommended measures and work in accordance with existing rules of Russian Sanitary Control.

With new regulations being introduced into the lives of millions of Russian residents, we have created a new "Travel with Confidence" policy that includes health and safety procedures starting from the time you plan your trip to the end of your tour. Social distancing and disinfection measures have been implemented on board all of our ships, and a special set of rules and guidelines have been created for staff.

General measures

  • All crew members of our ships have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Our staff use personal protective equipment. Body temperature control is carried out twice a day, with a temperature sheet and mandatory suspension from work in case of signs of an infectious disease.
  • Each ship is equipped with express-tests for COVID-19, stock of personal protective equipment (masks, gloves), skin antiseptics, non-contact antiseptics, disinfectants for cleaning premises and surface treatment, non-contact thermometers.
  • There are leaflets on board and informational materials with recommendations on how to avoid coronavirus infection.
  • Every day during the cruise the personnel clean the ship cabins with disinfectants, every two hours they air the rooms and disinfect door handles, switches, handrails, railings, contact surfaces (in living, public areas and ship cabins on permanent or regular basis). All public areas of the ship are regularly treated with recirculating irradiators to disinfect the air.
  • We make sure to measure the body temperature of everyone entering the ship using non-contact thermometers. If the temperature is above 37.2° C, we perform an express test on the COVID-19. After the test, each guest fills out an electronic health questionnaire.
  • We have also developed a set of rules and instructions in case a passenger or a crew member with signs of infectious disease is detected. They include placing the guest in the Observatory on board the ship with a separate entrance and exit, organization of evacuation from the ship, as well as measures in accordance with the "Scheme of information upon detection of a patient with an infectious disease requiring measures for sanitary protection of the territory" and the "Plan of anti-epidemic measures".


  • Depending on the number of passengers on board a ship catering can be organized in several shifts to keep the social distance between the guests and to provide every guest with a personal sit at the table for the duration of the cruise.
  • Apart from standard safety measures kitchen and dining utensils and cutlery in the galley of the ship are processed at the temperature not less than 65° C for 90 minutes and with the use of disinfectants active against viruses.


  • Our long-term partners in different regions, who participate in the organization and carrying out of the excursion program, also strictly obey the sanitary-epidemiological rules of Russian Sanitary Control. All vehicles are equipped with hand sanitizers and are thoroughly cleaned after each trip.
  • During the excursions guests are provided with personal protective equipment and hand sanitizers, as well as personal radio devices "Audioguide". We observe that all devices must be treated with disinfectants before use.

We take care of your safety and look forward to seeing you on board!

You can find more information about "Travel with Confidence" program in a special section on our website.

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